One Chronic Illness Trick That Will Change Your Mindset Forever

One Chronic Illness Trick That Will Change Your Mindset Forever

The cycle is always the same.

Get stressed.

Miss sleep.

Get a flare up.

Get depressed.

That was reality — until the day I got married.

That was the day I decided to never look back. I was done causing my own flare ups. It was time for a change, and getting married was the perfect inflection point.

As I sat on a beach, in sunny Australia on my honeymoon, I started to contemplate ways that I could stop stress when I return to my real life. Should I become a monk? Should I leave all stress behind and in return gain tranquility and a life of solace? (I don’t think so)

The sun was setting, and the wine was remarkably leaving the bottle at alarming rates. I made a comment to my new wife about how I wished we could live in a honeymoon for the rest of our lives. I decided to give a glance at the setting sun and quickly looked down to avoid blindness.

Looking down, my eyes fell upon my ring. A symbol of the commitment I made for endless love with my wife. At that moment I had a revelation. Can I use this ring for more than just a commitment to my wife? Can I use it for a commitment to myself?

I walked back to our ocean front bungalow with this thought still buzzing in my head. After a day on the beach, it was time for a quick shower and to take the ring off in order to remove the sand.

The buzz of the wine ran through my head. It was time to put my ring back on, and it was time to make a decision. Am I going to use this ring to start my new life or am I going to fall back into stress and anxiety?

To this day, my ring is my protector and my guardian. It symbolizes so much more than a wedding ring. It symbolizes hope and a new life — a life where I choose happiness over stress.

Any time I am under stress, I look down to my ring. So often we need to find strength and security. In moments of solidarity, the ring brings me both.

Whether you are married, engaged, or single, I challenge you to find something you can use as a sign for your strength. Below are some ideas:

A ring.

A watch.

A necklace.

A bracelet.

Anything you can keep on you at all times.

When you are down and are having issues —take a look at your emblem of strength. Remember that you are meant to live a wonderful life full of happiness and joy.

In honor of finding a symbol of strength, I have created Can’t Stop Me Wristbands.  Get a wristband, wear it with pride, and remember that you are meant to live a happy life.



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