5 Tips for Traveling with Chronic Illness

5 Tips for Traveling with Chronic Illness

There is nothing like traveling for a vacation.

The anticipation alone bring happiness to our lives weeks before we go on the trip. We dream of the white sand beaches,afternoon cocktails and time with family.

For those of us with chronic illness, we have a sense of anticipation and worry when planning for a vacation. What happens if we have a flair up? What happens if we don’t have the energy? What happens if we cant handle the travel?

Below are 5 tips for chronic illness fighters to follow when they go on a vacation. There is no reason why we can not have fun and travel with chronic illness.

1. Get Sleep

No matter the price (within reason), try to plan your flights so that you do not effect your sleep. Sleep is one of the primary defenses against flair ups with chronic illness. The more sleep we get, the more time our body has to heal. Try not to sacrifice sleep for vacation. If you have a long flight ahead of you, plan accordingly. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a pillow, and take a sleeping medication if you have to (with your doctors approval).

2. Eat Well

Do you normally follow a diet for your illness? Stick to your diet while on vacation. If the diet is working, than changing it while on vacation will only bring on flare ups during your trip. Eating healthy during your vacation is a great way to make sure that you are as healthy as possible. If you love food, feel free to skip this rule, but be aware that you might be causing your own demise.

3. Exercise to Prevent Jet-lag

Recent studies show that when you get off of your flight, if you exercise right away you will be able to prevent jet lag. Although they have no scientific reason, during the study the participants felt that they were aligned with the timezone of their travel location after a workout and sleep. When you land, take a walk and do some cardio. It might mean the difference between being tired and being awake on the first day of your trip.

4. Set Alarms for Medicine

There is nothing worse than forgetting to take your medicine. A sense of worry and guilt overcomes us when we forget the one thing that is preventing flair ups. Set alarms on your phone before your leave so that you will not forget on your trip.

5. Don’t Give in to Peer Pressure

If you don’t feel up to it, don’t do it. A very simple, but very hard concept, while on travel. You know your body more than anyone else. When you don’t feel well, take a break. It is better to take a break than have issues for days, weeks, and months after the vacation. It is OK to bow out of activities.

What tips do you have for chronic illness fighters on vacation?





  1. This is a great post, great advice for all with a chronic illness. FMS and migraine are my crosses to bare. I would recommend this advice too

  2. All great tips. I highly recommend preplanning as much as possible and to make sure that plan includes breaks.

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