My Own Letter to Myself The Day I Was Diagnosed

Dear Davey (I know you hate your childhood nickname),

Today will always be remembered as one of the hardest days of your life. The days, weeks, and months ahead of you will challenge you in ways you never thought possible. Hang in there because I know you will make it through this challenge.

I read once that the hardest struggles are only given to those people who are strong enough to handle them.

You will learn so much from this experience. Take it day by day and remember to look for support when you need it.

You really have done so much to prevent MS from taking over your life (eating paleo, taking the right medication, meditating, and working out)

MS has not ruled your life, your have ruled MS. It is something to be proud of.

If anything, MS has really put a perspective on your life. You live each day like it may be your last. You have put 100% into everything since being diagnosed. In some ways, it was a blessing. It made you get off your but and start to live the life you wanted to live!

Sure there are days that you get down about your illness. We are all human, and we all need to let our emotions get the best of us sometimes.

There is no saying what tomorrow might bring, but today is great.

Last piece of advice: Margaret is the one for you. Don’t ever let her go. She is a blessing.




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