A Letter to Myself The Day I Was Diagnosed With Chronic Pain

A Letter to Myself The Day I Was Diagnosed With Chronic Pain

(Posted by David Gay, Written by Kristine C.)

Dear Self,

Today was a rough day. You were overwhelmed with information, a new diagnosis and now have a billion questions. Let me begin by saying that you need to approach this in baby steps. There is a lot of information out there and some can be very misleading, so dont believe everything you read. My suggestion is to join a support group. You will need to ask questions, vent frustrations and maybe even cry, and thats ok. Strength comes in numbers, and remember you are never alone. And if you feel alone, reach out, call someone or get online to your support group. Your new diagnosis isn’t a life sentence. Im not saying it will be easy, but bad days will come and go. You my dear, are stronger than you know, and I know you won’t let this get the best of you. Vent if you need to. I know there are many people who care very much about you, and they understand you need to get things off your chest. If by chance someone doesn’t understand, then talk to someone else, because not everyone understands chronic illness. It’s not that they don’t care, they just don’t know enough about it to talk to you about it. You will want to ask questions about symptoms, medications or something that comes up. Dont be afraid to ask. This is your body and you need to know! In closing, I want you to know, its ok to rest, take a day off, in fact take as many as you need. Keep pushing forward, you need to advocate for number one, and that’s YOU. Be kind to yourself and listen to your body. Slow down when it tells you to. Chronic pain feeds off of stress, overdoing it and yes already existing pain.

Remember you are stronger than you think, you got this.

With all my heart,

Myself Kristine C.


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