Have Faith In A Cure- A Letter to Me

(Posted by Dave, written by Heidi a Chronic Illness Fighter)

Dear younger me,

Right now you are feeling overwhelmed by what life has thrown at you. The clinic doctor has finally sent you to someone that answered at least one question for you. You are not a lazy insane person. Although that doctor called it ‘Fibrositis’ at the time it’s still the same thing; Fibromyalgia.

They didn’t know much about it other than its real. Very real. The only solid piece of advice the doctor could give you was ‘never stop moving’. There was no good treatment because there hadn’t been much research on it as of the day you were diagnosed. Since 1988 there’s been much learned about fibromyalgia. There are some treatments now but as of yet no cure. They still don’t know what causes it. The pain will get bad when you have surgery on your neck and when you break out in shingles. It’s a viscous circle. The pain hits your immune system so you break out in shingles. When your immune system is working better the psoriatic arthritis will be kicking your butt. Believe it or not you can survive all this garbage.

The joys of life mean more to you than ever before. You will learn to not live for others as you have been doing. Others leave. Live instead for things that never end. The next meteor shower. The next beautiful sunrise. The next scientific discovery, like life on Mars.

The man you end up with will be a beacon in the dark for you. He’s not just a good man. Nobody has ever treated you better or worried so much about your health. He wants to take you to warmer areas in the winter so you don’t have to deal with cold. He wants you to be comfortable. He sees the pain you’re in and wishes he could make it go away. Every time there’s another diagnosis of something he fusses. Don’t give up on life. Life hasn’t given up on you. He’s worth the wait. Besides, he needs your trucking skills to drive the RV and live on the road. You have survival skills he’s doesn’t. He needs you.

Your grandkids and great grandkids are well worth the wait too. They are too cute. The youngest has huge brown eyes that just make you melt. He’s a clown for the camera. You need to stick around for them if nothing else. On top of that you’re an ordained minister and you have baptisms and weddings to officiate. The pain will drive you nuts at times but it isn’t constant. You do get a break once in a while. The researchers are still trying to find the cause and cure. At least a good treatment for chronic pain that works. There’s so many issues with fibromyalgia they’re having trouble tracking it all. They haven’t stopped and don’t intend to until they have better answers.

Stick around for the next medical breakthrough; The cure for Fibromyalgia.

Love Heidi


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