Celebrate Everything!

Celebrate Everything!

Last weekend was Dave’s birthday. While it might seem a bit over the top, we got together with a group of our friends, rented a limo, and drove around for the afternoon, stopping at different local breweries for tastings. It was a little expensive for a birthday party, but we had so many laughs, made memories, and felt like royalty.

With MS, you never know what the future holds. I call it “walking on egg shells” as we never know if a flare up is going to happen, or if new symptoms will enter our lives and stick around. While the unknown is terrifying, it has also changed our lives. We do our best to make sure we celebrate everything. This looks like high 5’s when we finish a house project, not taking a sip from the beer glass until cheers have been made, going out to eat after MS doctor appointments, and spoiling ourselves with dessert almost daily (a cookie for me, a sugar free jello for him).

Celebrating the little things reminds us how much there is in this life to be grateful for. It reminds us that there is no joy too small to be overlooked because sometimes it’s those little joys that hold you together. So while the limo might have been overkill, celebrating another year living and walking and being active is huge cause for a party!

Happy Birthday to my husband and cheers to all of you who find reason to celebrate anything and everything. Share ways you celebrate the big and little things by tagging @diseasecantstopme on Instagram or @DavidRaymondGay on Twitter!



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